1990s 1997. 7. 4 E-KYOUNG Systems Co.,Ltd's established
1999. 05 Completed railway ground communication system for Korail Sangju factory
1999. 06 Selected as a participant of light railway communication system
2000s 2002. 12 Eddy current brake chopper technology developed for G7 high speed railway
2005. 04 Technical consulting and Technology transfer to AAL in India
2006. 05 Multi inverter system for fuel cell BUS with Hyundai Motors
2007. 07 Development of 350KVA trailer inverter system for KTX high speed train
2009. 12 ISO 9001(Quality Management Standard) certificate acquired
2010s 2010. 01 Establishment of subsidiary sesearch institute
2010. 05 INNO-Biz(High Technology Firm) certificated(Head of SMBA)
2010. 06 Selected as venture enterprise(Head of SMBA)
2012. 12 Development of ECO driving meter system for diesel locomotives
2013. 05 Development of excitation/brake chopper system for propulsion system of KTX
2014. 12 Developed HEP system/auxiliary power system for 8200 series electric locomotives
2015. 01 Developed 50KVA resonant converter for magnetic levitation train
2016. 10 Development of verification device of train speed ​control function of wireless train control system (KRTCS)
2017. 04 Developed practical use technology of auxiliary power system for electric locomotives
2017. 10 Technology developed power converter for intermodal
2018. 04 Technology developed train control system for track inspection train